HOP® in National Media

In the next 10days the Hour of Power finds itself featured in two major fitness magazine… a 6 page article at the start of April’s Muscle & Fitness Magazine (in shops now!) and on the 29th March a full review of the Hour of Power workout in Ultrafit Magazine.

Both articles are really great and shed a very positive light on the Hour of Power – which is, of course, a relief 🙂   Because no matter how effective and how great many of us know Hour of Power to be, it is still a fitness class that is very different to the norm; it still can be highly demanding and almost awkward to the first-time participant – all those upper body muscles not used to being used to that extent! – and it still is one class amongst many fitness classes trying to find their way in a busy industry.  But, as I said quite honestly to Susan from Ultrafit, the Hour of Power was here 25 years ago…and believe it will still be here in 25years – It’s just that kind of class. It has staying power…

And with any luck, as more and more people start to experience the class (or the DVD version of the class!) and see for themselves the energy and value it brings, then I think we’re going to see Hour of Power popping up on studio timetables, at local halls, in schools…and maybe even on people’s tv screens – all across the country.