Most approaches to fitness training predominantly utilise the large muscles of the lower body, especially in the pursuit of cardio-vascular fitness. Cycling, jogging, dance-based exercise and even so-called ‘military fitness’, despite what you might think, place the vast majority of their energy demand on the lower body muscles. These are the exercise methods that most people will turn to ‘get fit’, ‘tone-up’ or lose body fat. The question is: can you really get your whole body fit and vital by practising fitness methods that massively under-utilise more than half the body’s muscles? Shouldn’t the upper body muscles be involved in cardio and fitness exercise in more than just a token manner? And, is it truly necessary to separate cardio training and strength training?

More than 30 years ago, Dragan Radovic (founder of the Fitness4x4® training method) began asking some of these challenging questions about exercise and fitness. He then spent the next three decades researching and discovering the answers first-hand, through a personal exploration into the very core of what it means to train for total-body vitality.  Dragan’s discoveries evolved into the Fitness4x4® training method which has been practised by thousands of enthusiasts around the world in the 30years since its inception. Dragan himself continues to lead the way, incredibly achieving his physical fitness peak this year despite approaching his 66th birthday.

Fitness4x4® borrows its name from the world of motor vehicles. In the same way that a 4×4 vehicle sends power to all 4 wheels instead of 2, in Fitness4x4® training  the arms and the legs are powered equally by the heart and lungs to achieve the most efficient and effective fitness training imaginable. It is an approach to exercise that aims to combine the reality of the high-energy physical experience, with an intellectual understanding of how the whole body can respond to Cardio-Vascular training. Fitness4x4 seeks to provide as many people as possible with that experience and with those answers – in a way that does not over-complicate, over-mystify or indeed over-inflate itself. The HOP® Workout; The Hour of Power® DVD;  The Dragan Challenge™ , The 4x4Draganwalk™ & 4x4Vertical Training™ are all part of that Fitness4x4® Approach. We invite you to learn more, find which one suits you best, and begin your journey to discovering peak fitness at any age.