Dragan Radovic
Dragan Radovic – Founder of the Fitness4x4 Training Method

Dragan Radovic is quite possibly the world’s fittest 65year old. Described by 3-time World’s Strongest Man, Bill Kazmaier, as ‘one of the most impressive strength athletes I have ever encountered’, Dragan has spent the last decade training professional athletes, setting world records & in his spare time, travelling the world to seek out the fittest, strongest and toughest athletes and challenging them to a simple but brutal test of strength and endurance known as the Dragan Challenge.

In 15 years of such challenges he has never been beaten, despite being taken on by thousands of challengers from every corner of the globe and every sports background.

As he approaches the grand ‘old’ age of 66 Dragan feels he has still not reached his peak, and in 2015 plans once again to break his own already unparalleled records. His role in 2015, perhaps as it has always been, perhaps more than ever: to keep exploring the fitness potential of the upper body, to keep re-writing the rules of cardiovascular training and to continue to dumbfound the experts in regards to physical vitality and ageing.

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Rajko Radovic
- National Director
Fitness4x4 Ltd / Hour of Power Ltd
Rajko Radovic - National Director Fitness4x4 Ltd

As the National Director of Fitness4x4 Ltd and Master Trainer in the Fitness4x4® method, Rajko currently oversees a community of over 100 certified HOP® Instructors and thousands of HOP® enthusiasts across the UK and worldwide. Through the Hour of Power® DVD series, Instructor Certification Courses and HOP® Masterclass events, Rajko’s aim is to bring this revolutionary approach to fitness to a whole new generation of people.

Weighing in at over 90kgs, with a resting heart rate of just 35bpm, and a world record in endurance dumbbell lifting, Rajko is an impressive athlete. Having studied at the UK’s leading Institute of Sport (Loughborough University) where he competed at the highest level of Inter-Collegiate sport, Rajko then took the mantle of pioneering the brutally effective Hour of Power® Workout, travelling with his father (and fitness legend) Dragan Radovic to some of the world’s biggest fitness expos. In numerous public challenges in the UK and Internationally Rajko also remains unbeaten.

In 2007 Rajko was selected to feature in the highly acclaimed BBC documentary Last Man Standing, taking an epic 14month journey to compete in extreme tribal sports against some of the world’s most remote tribesmen. Rajko’s contribution to the show earned him the title of ‘Fitness Guru’ and despite broken bones, torn ligaments and poisonous insect bites, his performance left him as joint leader at the show’s conclusion.

As a performing musician, a fitness columnist, a husband and young father, Rajko’s personal aim is to show that Fitness4x4® is an accessible & empowering approach to lifelong vitality which can be enjoyed by anyone…and everyone. “If you ask me what Fitness4x4 is, it’s ordinary people learning to train in an extraordinary way & to feel the positive effects of that in every area of their life. That’s Fitness4x4″ (RAJKO)

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Luka Radovic – Co-founder of the Fitness4x4 Ltd

Luka Radovic is the co-founder of Fitness4x4 Ltd and editor/co-writer of the original Fitness4x4 book, ‘The Way of Dragan’. With a Degree in Mathematics from Bath University, where he represented the university in Intercollegiate Volleyball, Luka is naturally a specialist in the Energy Output Principle of Fitness4x4 Training, as well as being the originator of the ‘Luka Lift’.

He is also a highly trained practitioner of the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira who has studied and interviewed many of the leading figures in the discipline in three continents, developing the youtube channel Capoeira Inspiration. Luka is an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, with a passion for igniting inspiration in others, and as Dragan’s oldest son (and in the tradition of Fitness4x4 training) at age 42 he is entering the fittest year of his life to date as well as expecting to become a young father for the first time.