The Dragan Challenge™

The Dragan Challenge began almost ten years ago when 50yr old fitness legend Dragan Radovic stepped onto the main stage at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic in Columbus Ohio and outlifted all-comers (including a team of 10 Marines) to earn the title of ‘America’s fittest 50yr old’ (Chicago News).

Since that day, Dragan has challenged (and beaten) hundreds of contestants, many of whom were half his age and twice his size… and to this day, strongmen, endurance athletes age 65 he remains unbeaten in the Dragan Challenge.

The idea of the challenge from the very beginning was to show what the upper body is capable of when you turn it into an energy producing machine. To show that upper body fitness and strength can be taken to previously unimaginable levels, and that by doing so the body’s vitality and overall condition can be dramatically improved.

Dragan Challenge

Dragan’s Challenge is not about beating him – it is about inspiring others to achieve what he has achieved. Rajko and Dragan have trained hundreds of people in their Fitness4x4 method and achieved phenomenal results in fitness, strength, muscle development and lean size. And along the way they have broken records, exceeded their own limits time and time again, and in ten years neither has EVER been beaten in hundreds of challenges across the world.

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