Hour of Power in the record books

This month the Hour of Power has been taking UK school kids by storm, hosting mass-participation classes at sites around the country and involving more than 2000 students.

Using water bottles purchased from the One Water Company (which donates 100% of it’s considerable profits to charity) as hand-weights  students have been participating in full Hour of Power fitness sessions, led by Rajko Radovic (HOP® Director for the UK) and aimed at encouraging more young people into fitness.

“I want to show kids of all background that with the right type of exercise class, it is possible to enjoy all the benefits of elite exercise, without having to be a fitness fanatic and without having to be passionate about a particular sport!  In this fast-paced lifestyle where even kids have limited windows of time (and concentration) they need an approach to fitness and health which is efficient, and relevant to the lives they lead now and will lead when they leave school. Hour of Power is just that class. ” (Rajko)

On Tuesday 12th July, Rajko was joined by players from the Huddersfield Giants rugby squad to lead a 1000 participant Hour of Power workout at Honley High School in Huddersfield. The event was organised by art teacher Mr Graham Wheatcroft, who worked with Rajko to set up the ultimate school fitness event, and hopefully enter the record books as the largest ever fitness class with weights.

“On this occasion the half-kilo weights used happened to be water-bottles, which of course not only gave the kids a tough Hour of Power workout, but also encouraged them to quench their thirst with healthy water instead of soft drinks and sodas. So the event was a double success”

Rajko will continue his drive towards encouraging UK school kids in fitness when he visits Robert Clack school in East London to host another Mass-Participation Hour of Power class. Robert Clack were the first UK school to offer a full-school Hour of Power workoutin 2010, and are showing other London schools what can be done to improve the healthy living habits of their students, hosting their ‘HEALTHY SCHOOLS CAMPAIGN’ for the third straight year.