HOP® Internationally – Profile on Slodes Club, Belgrade

It was more than 5 years ago when the Hour of Power first made its way to the famous Balkan city of Belgrade in Serbia. Since then the class has spread to three major locations around the city and is continuing to grow.

One of these locations is the dynamic Slodes Club on the outskirts of Belgrade

With classes scheduled three times per week in the well-equipped aerobics studio, sessions are led by Ana Pavlovic, one of the most experienced Hour of Power instructors worldwide and a recent contributor to the official Hour of Power Workout DVD – currently a top seller in the UK home fitness market.

Ana has been teaching Hour of Power for many years, learning initially from class founder Dragan, and later from the International director of the class, Rajko Radovic – son of Dragan. With a very high level of personal fitness, a contageous energy and a level expertise which can only come from many hours of teaching and training, Ana is a fantastic example of how the Hour of Power can and should be taught to people of all fitness levels.

As the Hour of Power continues to spread, it is good to know that our most experienced instructors are continuing to lead the way forward.

Ana Pavlovic
Ana takes part in ‘high-elevation’ training as part of her Certification at the Fitness4x4 Retreat in Montenegro